If Personalization is Essential for Your Success, We've Got an Event for You.


Loews Coronado Bay Resort


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Personalization is the Cornerstone of Today’s Most Successful Brands

"Personalization is kind of pixie dust that lives across your customer experience and really can help you transform your business to being a leader in customer experience, growth, and profitability."

"It’s about enriching users’ lives by presenting the entire universe of audio as a personalized experience prioritizing the content they love the most. And over time we trust with our users by getting it right."

"We look at AI and machine learning as an enabler to drive better experiences. We’re at a point where the technology, the compute stack, the algorithms are here to help us be extremely customer centric."

"Using AI and machine learning, we have seen tremendous opportunity and growth. It’s about identifying a problem, tying it to our business goals, and finding how the technology will help solve that problem."

"Hair is extremely personal to consumers. We leverage cutting-edge technology and AI to provide personalized hair care & styling solutions, including tailored products and regimen recommendations."

"With customer behavior constantly changing, personalization is key to making lasting connections with shoppers and delivering on our mission to champion the health and well-being of our communities."

"You never equate Big Data with coffee and doughnuts. We are really excited to dive in more, using machine learning and AI to look at people’s spend behavior to give them offers and communications that will resonate with them."

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